It has always seemed to us that the most useful research informs strategic and creative direction rather than tests it ie. helps to get it right at the outset. We think the role of qualitative research is not to report back how the target think, feel and react but why they think, feel and react as they do. Research may uncover complex, often contradictory attitudes and motivations, but it should seek fundamental unifying factors. For this reason cre8ive prefer fewer, longer sessions that provide the time needed to dig beneath surface response to the underlying issues and ideas. offer focus groups & interviews at home & abroad on a broad range of consumer-related topics �from brand strategy & positioning to concept & new product development to marketing & communications through to customer satisfaction, issue-related projects & corporate social responsibility. We prefer to be briefed and then propose the most suitable methodology. We also like to get involved in stimulus development as we believe the quality and creativity of the input is in direct relation to the quality of the output.
We work collaboratively, flexibly and fast. We use research to provide clarity of understanding and confident judgement. For this reason we like to work with people who want provocative, fundamental thinking based on bringing external response and insight right to the heart of the project teamwork. We work successfully to tight deadlines and with senior management, and are regularly invited to present at board meetings.
Anneke and Yvonne both have more than 20 years moderating experience and a background of brand development behind them. We believe you pay for this experience so the partners do the English-speaking moderation and all the analysis themselves. There is no delegation.