We also make movies! Or perhaps we should say market docudramas to be more precise. In 2005 we made Whatever Happened to the British Breakfast? A challenging investigation of the social implications of the decline of breakfast in the UK. We made it for a consortium of breakfast producers and had a private screening in the West End.
We followed that with short films on health and food �men’s attitudes to health and diet, mums on feeding their kids and women on food trends. We’ve also made films on men’s self-identity, style and hair (with interviews across UK, USA, Russia & Poland); the role of TV in China based on a series of home visits in Shanghai and The Pope Wears Prada on what luxury means and the nature of luxury brands.
We believe that this is a tool with great potential for those seeking insight into behaviour and attitudes and certainly beats sitting through a 60 chart powerpoint presentation. Or a film can be used for corporate purposes �to bring to life a brand positioning and explain the brand’s journey to everyone who works with it �internal, external agencies and suppliers. It can tackle head-on any confusion in brand identity and encapsulate new brand values in a fresh and engaging way. We’ve noticed that films can inform, inspire and stimulate debate at a higher level by putting senior management in direct touch with the beliefs of customers or stakeholders. Several of our films have been shown at board level and all for little more than the cost of a few focus groups.