Online methodologies have  revolutionized quantitative research making it faster and more accessible for smaller companies or brand managers working inside larger companies with a great new idea they wish to champion.  Online has advantages over traditional telephone or face methodologies ?with greater privacy, clarity and sensitivity in tackling difficult topics and allowing respondents to set their own pace and deliver considered response.
Despite this step change in technology, quantitative research often remains a black box procedure with more time spent discussing statistical significance and product rotation than really trying to understand the issues the client wishes to resolve. cre8ive can harness the power of the online tool in imaginative new ways ?such as integrating qualitative samples into online panels to give the depth of understanding that can help the figures make sense, or engaging  hard to reach, time poor, samples through innovative smartphone apps.
By working with reliable online databases through trusted suppliers cre8ive can cut costs and timings dramatically while delivering more thoughtful and considered analysis.  We work closely with you to design the questionnaire and plan the most appropriate stimulus and sample.  The research can explore strategies, new product ideas, advertising concepts - incorporate packaging assessment, product diagnostics, likelihood to buy and volumetric scores.
What we offer is fast ?3 weeks from briefing to results, great value, robust, jargon-free, reliable and analysed by people who understand strategy and business.  What you get is data interpreted into real business solutions.