Everyone wants new ideas but how to have them? More often than not internal brainstorms produce yet another soul searching dissection of the strategic problem rather than a cornucopia of fresh ideas. And concepts crafted by committee can lose all vestige of a unique or distinctive idea.
cre8ive.net run idea generation sessions suitable for new strategies, new creative platforms, new products and new services. We aim to bring together client teams, R&D specialists, consumers and creative teams for a genuine exchange of ideas and team solutions and to introduce a wide variety of imaginative stimuli and challenging exercises. Each session is carefully planned and can be held off site in a stimulating environment - we’ve been to clubs, chapels, artist's studios and fast food outlets. Sometimes we use graphic artists to translate words into visual concepts and bring new ideas to life.
We believe the challenge of conducting an intense and immersive study or‘concept lab’is to ensure it benefits fully from having a consistent and collaborative multi-disciplinary team on location and working well together, to exchange ideas and to enrich the findings from one group, one country and one day to the next. Both partners are on site throughout the process to manage the consumer-facing stimulus, concept writing, client expectations and out-take, final analysis, strategic interpretation and guidance on optimising the positioning. The output of these sessions is recorded, organised and refined into a clear, structured and actionable presentation by cre8ive.net.
We’re not only experienced at facilitating workshops but also at re-working concepts to tight deadlines. We ensure that the propositions (in English) remain clear, single minded and persuasively expressed throughout the process and articulate new ideas and thoughts that emerge from the research as eloquently as possible. For overseas or multi-country workshops or concept labs we believe that our partnership with fluent English speaking native moderators ensures the best possible final output (in English).