We design tailor made international qualitative projects across Europe, the US, and the BRIC nations. We use research to provide clarity of understanding, and confident judgment for people seeking provocative, fundamental thinking based on bringing consumer insight to the heart of the project.
Our approach ensures a real understanding of both unifying principles across countries and regional differences. We produce integrated feedback of the findings over the whole project. We control all project logistics and personally facilitate all English-speaking groups. In non-English speaking counties we work with a network of high quality small boutique agencies with senior experienced moderators and strong local knowledge. We either attend the groups in person or watch via web link and simultaneous translation.
Quality: International research can have a poor reputation for delivering “lowest common denominator�feedback. It can be no more than a compilation of individual market reports. With experienced heads watching responses across markets we can ensure the quality of analysis to provide the whole picture. There is no delegation.
Faster: We run projects consecutively, not concurrently and will dedicate ourselves to your project. We produce management summaries and recommendations immediately after fieldwork if necessary, and work over weekends to meet tight deadlines.
Value: Without large agency overheads the cost of the project is invested solely in experience and talent of the Directors and moderators.
Large agencies which match our international capabilities inevitably operate using more junior level staff. Small agencies rarely have the strength and depth of international capability and network to make a project workable. cre8ive offers the best of both worlds.