In the last ten years our focus as a partnership has shifted from a preponderance of consumer brand advertising to more issue-related work. We now have a healthy balance and enjoy working on projects that really matter to the world we live in.
This has taken many different shapes and forms, from national and cultural identity, to Aids education, to ethical finance, to campaigns to cut carbon emissions, to trying to understand the real nature of the glass ceiling facing career women, to exploring parents attitudes to the use of physical punishment to evaluating public service agencies who we, as taxpayers fund. We have worked with charities, the public sector and the private sector.
We believe that the private sector has a big part to play in making the world a better place and have worked with a number of large companies who genuinely wish to pursue a more ethical business vision. We help generate ideas relevant to the market sector and the concerns of customers and have developed mechanisms that can involve and galvanise both corporation and community. We have also worked on a number of projects that have informed and inspired company vision and working practices and are always open to briefs that have a public or socio-ethical dimension.